Kompakt Total 8 Party - Pictures and Videos

A report about some perfect event wouldn’t be complete without complaints. So let me start by complaining.

If you return to your former home town you somehow expect to be able to drink the produce of the local breweries. Sadly enough the place is sponsored by some foreign brewerie - so no Kölsch! This was but the only negative thing a night to remember!

When the Expo XXI event location opened it’s doors at 10pm for this year’s Kompakt party the guests were greeted by ambient sounds provided by Jan Eric Kaiser on the basement floor. The event location is divided into two floors - one on street level and the other one upstairs. The basement is part of some historic building which gives you the impression as if you were right inside some medieval cathedral.

The upstairs part was newly built and somehow has the charme of some highschool assembly hall which didn’t harm the fun at all! The party on the upper level started at 10.30 with ambient sounds by GEO who slowly got the people which started arriving in great amounts into some smooth groove.

All the event was structured like some perfect dj set which builds up the tension till the climax - which in my personal opinion was Reinhard Voigt in the basement - i’ll get back to his very special live set later.

Around midnight it was time for the next djs on upper and lower level. Downstairs it was now Tobias Becker’s task to entertain the crowd. Becker, the owner of Platzhirsch records presented some great label showcase with older and new releases. Due to all those great artist performing at the same time on two floors i was constantly climbing the stairs in order not to miss too much of all the good stuff which you rarely can hear at other partys in this concentration.

Same time - different level - Beatschubiger on the upper floor was behind the decks and pushed the beat forward towards new levels of “danceability”. The heat was rising inside more and more on this great cologne summer evening. Though you can count the nice summer evenings this year, even the weather was good enough to chill on the outside terrace adjoining the 1st level floor, enabling you to lay down in one of the comfortable chairs, chat, drink and listen to the great music from the dancefloor behind the glass walls.

Sunday, August 19, 2007 by Roman vC