Kompakt Total 8 - Supermayer video

Here comes the third and last part of our video coverage of the Kompakt Total 8 Release Party in Cologne.

As we did our very deailed feature report about the happenings in cologne during last weekend’s party i won’t use too many words to tell you again what i already said before.

In the beginning of video #3 you can see Tobias Becker – founder of the Platzhirsch label – who did some great job during the pary when he started serving more and more beats so that the crowd got into the dancing mood.

The very special guest from Paris came next – Jennifer Cardini, Rex Club resident and known all over the world, did some very entertaining set which started off with some hard techno beats before it drifted off into more danceable regions.

After Cardini it was cologne legend Robert Babic who was in a very great mood. He did some outstanding live set and the more he treated his electronic gear – the wilder the audience went.

The last moments of this video belong to Supermayer – Michael Mayer and Superpitcher who played for several hours and never got tired surprising the audience with interesting material out of their record cases as well as the jokes they did while djing.

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Friday, August 24, 2007 by Roman vC