Loveparade 2007 - Pictures and Video

As a magazine dealing with all aspects of electronic music and lifestyle you simply can’t ignore the mother of all raves.

On saturday Loveparade saw it’s first non-berlin edition in Essen/Germany and i was there. Though it’s quite a short ride with your car i got stuck in some traffic jams on my way from cologne and so i arrived at the press counter just when the Platzhirsch truck was passing by at around 3pm. In fact Essen was crowded to the max with people which to be honest surprised me at first cause i never had guessed that the german edition of Loveparade which is closely connected to Berlin would work in some other city - how foolish of me.

The press counter was located on some pedestrians overpass which gave you some great overview at the floats coming and going and the crowded Essen streets. At first glace we saw the usual picture - people dancing on the sidewalks and people dancing on the trucks passing by. The international interest towards Loveparade seems to have grown even more, so that there were trucks from south africa and australia as well. The new organizers which did their second parade this year are following some new concept which opens the event for more musical styles and therefore raising interest as well in other non-techno related parts of society. The most apparent example being the appearance of Blue Man Group live on stage at the closing ceremonies.

The closing ceremonies were changed as well cause the organizers changed the concept. In Berlin years the event which saw dj sets of global #1 djs started around 6 pm with a speech by Dr. Motte. This year it started at the same time the parade started which made you decide if you wanted to follow the acts on stage or stand at the side of the road and see the trucks passing by.

Sunday, August 26, 2007 by Ricardo F