Morten Harket - new album by the a-ha singer

On May 30th, Morten Harket, singer of a-ha will release his next solo album “Letter From Egypt” after a 12 years break.

Already in 1998 he wanted to release the album following his 1995 release “Wild Seed”, but then a-ha reunited in 1999 which made him postpone the project for the next years.

Eight successful years with “a-ha” later, whose 80s superhit “Take on Me” most will remember, and who sold over 80 million records, which makes them the most successful Norwegian band of all times, Morten Harket now picked up his delayed soloproject again. For the record he collaborated with his friend, the Norwegian poet Ole Sverre Olsen, and composed new songs and finally releases “Letter From Egypt” next month.

The album can be called some global masterpiece as it was composed on three continents and in many different countries.

You can get a first glimpse of the album on May 16th, when “Dark Space (You’re With Me)” gets released - the first single from the album.

Sunday, April 27, 2008 by Peter M