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SEX AND THE CITY - Germany Premiere in Berlin

Never has the sun shone brighter than yesterday evening in Berlin at the German Premiere of Sex And The City!

On their promotion tour for the movie which will start at theaters worldwide on the 29th of May, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon - accompanied by director Michael Patrick King and producer John Melfi visited Berlin.

When Warner Bros. announced few years ago that they were going to do a Sex And The City movie, fans around the globe got exstatic. The series about four women who had come to New York to find love and who share their experiences and feelings about men and other important things of life like fashion and shoes, is one of the most successful tv series of all times.

Enthusiasm was large when at around 7.30 pm four white Mercedes-Benz limousines stopped in front of Sony Center at Postsdamer Platz in Berlin and the four protagonists of Sex And The City stepped out of the cars. Outside of Sony Center you could see an “ocean” of people on the pavements which cheered, shouted and clapped it’s hands.


The fans who had arrived in time and managed to get one of the places inside Sony Center also went wild, cause every step of their idols was transmitted to big video screens. Every small detail could be seen and so no one missed a single step of the fabulous four on the Berlin ground. Some of the fans even had travelled from abroad and every part of Germany.

The four of them showed loads of endurance when they gave autograph by autograph and answered all those questions the armada of journalists had in store.

Nearly unnoticed, the mass of German celebrities passed by cause last night there were only four actresses of interest.

After spending about an hour on the red carpet which had the color pink, the ladies hurried together with director and producer into the cinema to allow the waiting audience to finally encounter the screening of the movie which will become a huge succes, regarding everything we saw during the movie, when it finally starts in theatres around the globe on the 29th of May 2008.

The movie provides you with more than 2 hours of big entertainment and in the end we find out that… Journalists and celebrities alike were in some kind of Sex And The City rage when the film was finally over and in two weeks every fan will get the real treat.

You can find some impressions of the happenings in our video report below and see some pictures in the gallery as well contained in this article.


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Friday, May 16, 2008 by Roman vC