Todaysart Festival 2007 - Day 1 - pictures and video

Some time ago our dear friend Eelco Borremans, photographer for the Todaysart Festival in The Hague/Netherlands invited us to visit the festival.

As we are always interested in all sorts of multimedia and music events dealing with the electronic side of things we were happy to receive the invite. While writing down my impressions of the first night on saturday afternoon i realized that i had written already two pages talking about the people and the city without mentioning the festival once cause i was so overwhelmed. Now, as i’m already back in Berlin i’m starting from the beginning trying to get everything i encountered into some small report which doesn’t have the volumina of a book.

If you have ever been to one of Holland’s citys you know that nearly everything looks very neat. The dutch people managed to let their citys grow over the ages without giving up too much of their basic character which means more small building than huge skycrapers.

The makers of Todaysart Festival 2007 managed to let the city become part of the festival - not just a festival taking place in parts of a city. The most obvious example was the huge runway they had set up in one of the main shopping streets of The Hague. The city is one of the very few bigger Dutch cities which doesn’t have it’s own airport and so the motto of this year’s event was “THX: The Hague International Airport” which on the other hand was created to underline the international character of the festival who saw artists and visitors from all over the world.

For us, the weekend out in The Hague started on friday night around 11pm with our visit of Robert Henke’s (aka Monolake) Layering Buddha which he performed at the Lutherse Kerk which is some working church that opens it’s rooms for special events like this one. As we had the luck to see the world premiere of Robert’s latest creation at Club Transmediale on the 1st of february 2007 we were able to compare both events. As Robert always gives his best we like to mention the amazing and overwhelming acoustics of the main hall of the church which made this some brand new encounter. In comparison to the Berlin audience which is sated and therefore don’t mind destroying some event’s atmosphere with their idle talk, the Dutch folks even layed down flat on the ground without specaking a single word to become part of this overall acoustic encounter, the journey, Robert Henke had invited them to participate in. Besides ot this great performance Robert had some installation in the church running during the days of the festival which you can check out in one of our upcoming videos of the event.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 by Roman vC