Tresor - The Opening Night at Modem Berlin

Lucky those who have been there. For all the others we took a look around.

Regarding boxing there is one golden rule which has been proved numerous times to be oh so true: “They never com back!”. Once the fighter has retired no mental strength and no big amount of training can ever bring him back on the road of success.

This sentence which is engraved in stone applies to boxing but not always to clubs, what Tresor proved last night, which has shown some furious comeback, to say the least, after a two year’s break! At last wednesday’s press conference, Vattenfall’s Dr. Gruber reported about the Berghain guys point of view regarding the return of Tresor: “We are great and we have our audience!” was their reaction. After all the things i’ve encountered last night at Köpenicker Straße i must say: “guys, start knitting thick pullovers, the next ice age is already there!”

When i arrived at 11.30 pm at the former powerplant, the Modem, like this future temple of the arts is called, big crowds of people had gathered in front of the two entrances - waiting to be permitted entry. Somebody shouted “let us in” from time to time, reminding me of the time shortly after the two Germanys got together agin, the time when the old Tresor opened and started to write some unparalleled club history.

The building, with it’s space of more than 20.000 square meters, let’s you still feel the typical morbid charme which still vanishes more and more from the cityscape. The history of Tresor and all the other old clubs basically based on the fact that there were loads of big unused spaces available after the german reunion, quite perfect to open clubs spontaneously. The only club remaining from those days was the Tresor, until two years ago, the rental contract wasn’t extended by means of the owner of the property who is building office spaces at the former Tresor location at Leipziger Straße.

During the last two years Dimitri Hegemann, founder of the old Tresor and “engine” of the new project, restlessly searched for some new location to fit in his vision of some space for the arts with some club included. Obviously, as we know by now, he managed to find it quite fast, which becomes quite clear due to the fact that the new space is the result of some collaboration between the power company Vattenfall as the owner of the building and Dimitri Hegemann, which already started one and a half years ago.

One approaching the building might be overwhelmed at first due to the impressive outer appearance but soon feels quite comfy when walking in and starting to get the well known “cave feeling”, those deeper knowledge of some hidden passages and niches, which used to play some important part with the old Tresor.

On the uppermost level of the building we have the +4 Bar with some platform which offers some fantastic view into the exhibition and event hangar which is in total about 90 % of the building. After you’ve made your way back to the bottom floor of the building you are able to walk through differnt hallways where you can besides of other things find the Tresor merchndise store or corner where you can buy all the good stuff like t-shirts, cds, lanyards, that mark you internationally as some conoisseur of technomusic and of the legendary Tresor club.

Saturday, May 26, 2007 by Roman vC