What Makes Shanghai Addictive?

As part of the Asia-Pacific weeks there are a lot of events happening right now in Berlin.

Tonight we attended What Makes Shanghai Addictive? some event or better put Exhibition of 14 designers and artists from Shanghai which takes place from september 11 till 14 at the former Postfuhramt, located at Oranienburger Straße and sees works by the following artists: Jin Ningning and Si Wei, Jiang Zhenhua, Wang Yuwei, Lin Lin and Sam Jacobs, Dai Jian Yong, Bei Bang, Liu Qing, Zhang Da, Ma Liang, Huang Yonggang, Jiang Jian, Lui Fei, Xu Yi Bing, Qian Qian.

After yesterday’s opening event, today the more entertaining event - regarding our personal point of view - took place.

Going by the motto “Evening of the Colorful Dancing Dragon”, young chines and german artists painted the walls of the PFA-Bar to the sounds of music from the 70s’ which got transmitted by a dj. At first sight the room was divided into two halves cause the chinese artists were decorating the left side of the room while the germans were acting on the other side. During the evening the colorful happening mixed like the colors the artists exchanged inbetween the nationalities.

It was one of those more relaxing art events cause you just sit back, enjoy your drink and without the need to talk just watch the artists painting.

The PFA bar which up to this day had pale white walls which gave her some very stylish look which on the other hand was right the opposite of “Gemutlichkeit” (coziness), now has fresh colors on their walls - at least on two of them - which get lightly touched by the beams of the disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Being totally relaxed after a short while i wished that those kinds of event would happen on every single day of the week to offer some alternative for those interested in arts in opposite to those quite common after work partys.

Relaxed and somehow befuddled due to the gas which i inhaled all night coming from the spray bottles, i strolled along Oranienburger Straße afterwards, passing the girls of the night and wishing that the next similar event might happen soon.

On the website the community site of the movement is to be found, which aims in building some global network of artists to meet for simialar events all over the world. Our personal point of view: Thumbs up!

Check out the pics in our Gallery and keep checking this website! For the video browse over to

Thursday, September 13, 2007 by Peter M